Leading activities for the child at an early age are playing, having fun with toys and interacting with peers. At this time they gain knowledge about themselves and the world naturally, without coercion, they test their abilities, makes various discoveries. Playing is a kind of rehearsal of life for a child: through playing he/she learns what the little one has to deal with in everyday relationships.

In our academy, children play with each other in small and large groups as part of play therapy. In the therapeutic process, the therapist and the children follow the rule set jointly. Applying the learned skills to each other and generalizing. Play therapy promotes the development and strengthening of imagination and skills such as: keeping order and sharing things with each other, which in turn helps the child to develop collaborative skills.

Within this therapy, children learn to be patient, to be mobilized, to concentrate on activities, to learn to listen and to express their own thoughts and attitudes verbally or using sign language. Children observe the emotions of friends and try to manage their own.